Monday, January 25, 2010

My studio is undergoing somewhat of an overhaul. I moved here almost a year ago after having shared a studio space in Manhattan with my great friends, turned into family, Yuko and Katie. However, it was only since the fall that I've been finally trying to settle in. Half empty boxes have claimed their space, edged along the side of the wall; my cooler lined with plastic grocery bags is my makeshift garbage bin (remind me never to offer you cold beer at my studio), and my air conditioning unit left in the hallway by one of my neighbour's, with a note attached in an handwritten scrawl, "FREE! TAKE ME! FREE!"
Words that I like to hear.
We set to build a storage loft for all of these boxes (maybe I should sift through them again, to see if I can empty out more things), but it has been somewhat of a trying experience. From our trip to Home Depot on Saturday, where we were told that they do not deliver on weekends, although teasing us above our heads was a huge store banner that read, "We Deliver Everyday!"
Home Depot, I think that you need to reinvestigate your customer service standards.

Fortunately we drove there, and were able to, with sheer brawn and some wits, strap down the wood onto the roof of our car and fit the remaining panels in our trunk. And with care of a chinese danseur balancing a pirouetting ballerina on top of his head, we drove these beams of wood back to my studio.
On Day 1 we could only get part of the frame of my loft up.
Everything seems to work in theory.
Nothing is easy.
Unfortunately our drill has seen the end of its days. after drilling the third bean into the framed that was attached to the wall, it stopped working as effectively.
The rotation of the bit was so slow that it could barely puncture a waterbed.
Stay tuned for Day 2.

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