Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Day 2. Loft is done.
Now I finally have a home for all of boxes.
I've always been a pack rat, but this time I swear that I'm going to try to at least sift through some of my things and throw them out.
I've always been keen on keeping my drawings, for nostalgic purposes, for lectures to show my process, but honestly some of those drawings are really just scribbles on coffee stained sheets of paper.
Short entry today.
Gotta get back to work.
It's been a good start to 2010.


Mihoko Hakata said...

Marcos! You look super cool with the drill and goggle! ;D

Marcos Chin said...

hahaha! thanks mihoko... btw, i tried becoming a fan of your blog.. but couldn't figure it out... actually i tried a few times too with other people but it didn't work. am i on your list? hope you're well xm

Marcos Chin said...

wait.. i just did it! yippee!
relax and feel good!!!!!