Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I recently (as in, last night at 3:00am) uploaded some of my illustrations onto the website Artsprojekt. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Artsprojekt is linked to Zazzle, an online social network that allows its users to create, transfer and print their (art)work on a variety of materials. This is super interesting to me being that I am constantly seeking new ways to retain "freshness" within my studio practice. Trying to figure out just what works and what doesn't on a T-shirt is still unknown to me; I'm using this experience with Artsprojekt as a testing ground. There are certain limitations at this point, one of which is that the image can only exist at a restricted size, and within a certain space. How do I, therefore, create an image that is approximatelty 8 x 10" and sits somewhere on the top half of a shirt?
So far, my approach has been to just create things that I would want to wear, or would like to see my friends and niece's and nephew's wearing. I'm trying to silence the demons in my head who are telling me that everything's been done before...
But has it really?

I guess I have to practice what I preach to my students; limitations and restrictions can be a good thing because it forces you to think of a less obvious solution to a problem.

The illustration that I decided to employ as one of my first t-shirts was a drawing that I did for James Ramirez at MK12 for the website It was an online poster exhibit which allowed users to download the images for free. The theme was Man vs. Nature, and I wanted to do a cheeky take on the subject matter. The original drawing is ink on watercolor paper, approximately 22x30" (i think). Looking at the drawing, it might appear that the process was tedious, but in fact it was very cathartic and meditative. The repetition of the bees and mice and birds became easier to draw as time went along.
So wish me luck in this new venture, and check out my store on Artsprojekt; here's the link:



Steve said...

looks so awesome, I love the bees and mice. Reminds me of the piece you showed us in class you worked on a while back with the girl covered in hair.

Marcos Chin said...

thanks steve! yeah, i guess this drawing does look like the other one of mine that i brought to class... i've been experimenting a bit with my work recently - drawing for purely the enjoyment of it - it's been so much fun and exhausting at the same time. thanks for the post!