Saturday, June 9, 2012

Process: Patterns

Here are some videos that I recorded early in the morning yesterday. I've been creatively stumped trying to resolve some issues that I have pertaining to some Tshirts that I'm designing. I know, I know.... Tshirts? I wrote about this before, why even attempt to even do something that's so ubiquitous, completely overdone, especially when the financial return is so slim and the process of constructing the shirts has become much more complicated than it probably needs to be? 
Because I enjoy it, and because the stuff that I'm making, I would like to wear. 
It sounds somewhat ego driven, but I do this a lot - examine things that I want to do creatively and move forward with it. It doesn't always result in an outcome that I'm entirely happy with, and it doesn't always inspire approval or acceptance from industry figure-heads, but my doing this is more of a visceral behaviour that I undergo in my studio practice in order to fulfill that part of me that clearly hasn't been fully expressed within one particular discipline. In any event, I won't write too much because you can listen to my ramblings in the videos above. One thing to note, however is that the bit about Milton Glaser's process is not accurate, really what I should've said plainly is that his documentary inspired me to give myself permission to move away from my computer and start using my hands to physically generate new compositions. 

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