Sunday, June 10, 2012

Process: Inspiration
I went to the Keith Haring exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum this weekend, and then to a party afterwards called Xanadude hosted by some friends of mine: Sean Be, and DJ Will Automagic from SPANK
I had to. 
Not out of obligation, but because I had to take a break this weekend. 
Keith Haring's artwork, and the boys of SPANK's art-music parties inspire me in a huge way. I've been isolating myself from the world for quite some time now. I don't go out much, and spend most of my time in the studio making things: commercial and personal work. 
Yes, the reason is because I absolutely love what I do, but there is also another obsessive quality about my behaviour that urges for me to keep on working.
Keep on movin' 
Don't stop,
yes --
sometimes I do have to 
I stop when I'm creatively exhausted and need time to focus and come-back-to-centre, so to speak. Inspiration for me is like food; I can feel when it's used up. And so, when this occurs I start to roam around: in my neighborhood, into manhattan; into galleries and exhibitions, I start to read books, and watch documentaries; I listen to other people's stories and talk to friends and acquaintances - should the proper moments arise - about art, illustration and design related stuff. I know this reads as very linear, but it's not meant to, the experiences unfold as they do -- I just try to put myself within a situation where I can possibly experience something new. Or, I try to keep my eyes and ears open in an effort to take in as much information as I can. I write things down a lot during this time, asking myself questions as it pertains to my work, my goals, and my (creative and professional) beliefs.  
I've been asked many times in interviews who and what inspires me. 
The answer:
Other people's stories. 
Yes, of course, I'm interested in art and design and illustration, and a whole slew of other things, but it's really other people's creative processes, and the choices that they make within their own artistic practice that move me the most. 

* The animated gif above is me standing in front of a mural by Keith Haring; the one below is of me standing below some inflatable sculptures by artist Jeffrey Ralston. 

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