Sunday, October 16, 2011

Illest of Ill, 2011, at Ringling College of Art and Design
I'm writing this on my descent into new York city.
I still feel a bit dizzy from time spent at Ringling College of Art and Design; I've always been this way. When I go a place for a few days, and then leave, I feel as though I'm exiting through a cloud because I try to immerse myself within that space that I'm in. That's why it's difficult for me to work in-between the events on my travel itinerary. I feel as though that work pulls me out of the present, and staying in the present is something that I'm striving to do moreso in my life, but especially when I travel. It's a gift that I try to give myself, but as with anything I sometimes I have to compromise and address other commitments unrelated to the present. It's the responsibility of a freelancer; and so flexibility becomes a virtue.
I'm ruminating over the lectures that I gave and listened to while at Ringling over the past three days and part of me feels a bit saddened that it ended so soon. As with any intense experience it's as though they press into me leaving a mark at my core. I'm remembering conversations that I've had with so many of the students, conversations that challenged my perspective of illustration, but also those which I co-opted with my own philosophy (of it) in order expand my view of this discipline. As I mentioned in my presentation, I'm a perpetual student, who loves to learn new things, so that I can move towards becoming that Illustrator who I want to be, not the one who I thought that I should be. Thank you not only my fellow speakers, SooJin and Chris Buzelli, for leaving their marks-- their words -- on my brain but to the students at Ringling who have inspired me as well.


Daniel Cruit said...

Hey Marcos- thanks a ton for coming down and judging the show! The presentations were awesome, we all learned a ton. It's not everyday we get to meet and pick the brains of incredible illustrators like you, Chris and Soojin (ok, an art director- that works too).

We had a fantastic time; keep up the awesome work man!

Marcos Chin said...

hi daniel,
thanks for the post... i had a seriously great time at Ringling... honestly i wished that i could've stayed longer especially to partake in the festivities after Illest, but i had a few deadlines the i had to manage the next and following days... in any event, good luck with your own illustration and artwork! until next time!

Audrey Gonzalez said...

Marcos, thank you so much for sharing your time and your experiences with us! I feel very lucky to have met you and hope it will not be our last encounter. Keep on making awesome work and remember to leave a little room to surprise yourself. Can't wait to see what you do next!