Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Look Down
I'm not sure if coffee tastes bad at 4 in the morning, or if being awake at 4 in the morning makes the coffee taste bad. I'm already at the studio, I've been here for almost a half an hour already. When I shut down my computer last night, I whispered to myself, "I just need one more day." This weekend I tried to finish five final illustrations; actually that's slightly inaccurate because I did spend a few hours on Friday tightening the rough sketches in order to prepare for the final (digital) drawing. My neighbourhood at 4am looks and feels very different when I wake up at this hour to go to work, rather than coming home from God-knows-where. Actually it's been several months since I've been to only where God knows, but stumbling home towards my bed with a sandwich in my hand feels very different then waking up and walking the opposite direction towards the seat in my studio, where I spend most of my days drawing. I'm eating a scone that I bought from a cafe that I have stored in a plastic container near my desk. I purchased it on Friday.
Can a scone go bad in two and a half days even if I put it in a tupperware?

I check for weebles.
All clear.

I'm wondering now, why I'm even typing.
I should be drawing instead of thinking and writing about it.
Be back soon.


Colleen said...

There is so much truth in this post, haha. If 3am is the witching hour, then 4am is the art-ing hour. If you're going to go to sleep then 4 is the cutoff, otherwise you might as well stay up working for the next day. But waking up that early takes will-power. (BTW my 8am coffee tastes spectacular)

Marcos Chin said...

ha! nice comment colleen... i'm having my 10:36am latte - it tastes so much better! ... now, i'm done for the day! ... at least with my commercial deadlines (unless i have revisions... fingers crossed) in any event, it's time to play now... silk screen time!

Craig Phillips said...

Argh! Working late! I've done wayyyy too much of that in the last ten years it - catches up with you. Not anymore. Sleep is my number one priority after two kids one who didn't sleep for a year and a half and drove me to the point of insanity and THEN art deadlines on top of that. No more late nights for me. It shortens your life span!!!

Great sketch too! wow!!!!