Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Esme, Queen of All Lands
I'd like to keep this entry short since I've been working like a mad man for several weeks. The twitch in my left eyelid is telling me to slow down, but before I do, here's another silk screen print that I did recently. Actually, it's within a series of 10 for sale through my website, benefiting my friend's performance, choreographer Yara Travieso, and composer Jerome Begin in collaboration with the New World Symphony, designed by Frank Gehry in Miami this Spring. The name of the print is called "Esme, Queen of All Lands," named and inspired after another friend of mine, Esme Boyce, who will be dancing in the performance. Below is visual soundbite of the other artists who are involved.

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Valeria OlguĂ­n Guerra said...

Beautiful! I like the style and the composition very much!