Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is something that I just drew with my left hand about a minute ago: It's Voltron (Defender of the Universe) using my Pentel brush pen. Today I saw a woman straight out of the Roseanne show wearing a bleached denim jacket, baseball cap, glasses, who was sitting on her front porch belting out to the world, the "Easter Parade" song. I also almost titled this post, "Chicken bones, playing cards, chinese food and cherry blossoms" because those were the things that I saw on my way to the studio. That's my entry today. Pretty slim, I know. I had more thoughts in my head, but I'm way too exhausted to post them. Oh, and I had a very bad drawing day today. And no, it wasn't because I drew with my left hand either.


charrow said...

Same here. Its been a slumpy time for no apparent reason. I cannot even force myself to do anything for illustration Friday.
That is a pretty impressive left handed drawing though. Now you just have to master that level of skill with your toes.

Marcos Chin said...

haha!good idea about the toes... i'll try that when i hit the beach this summer! good luck with your work charrow!