Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Play. Play. Play.
Whenever I have the time, I like to play.
I took one of my illustrations and tried to turn it into a stamp via my Print Goco machine.
Strange, but it looked a bit like an image done by Tadanori Yokoo.
When enlarged, however, the image is composed of text, which really helps to inform the concept; it reads "Love Me Or Love Me Not," but shrunken down and repeated over many times looks like Yokoo's work, although mine is far worse by a long shot.
This is not false humility, by the way.
I worship this artist.
Huge fan.
Anyway, this shirt won't ever be for sale - it's just something I did on a whim while trying to explore new media, and new applications for my work.


charrow said...

I love that you have a picture of all the used light bulbs. I still have not ventured outside of using my gocco for printing my business cards. Yours turned out so well I might have to take the plunge as well. The shirt looks really cool ps.

Marcos Chin said...

hi charrow .. do it! it's so much fun... problem is that supplies are so expensive... gocco is now defunct, yes?