Friday, February 26, 2010


Here are the recent designs that I've completed for Pro Keds Royal Hi White Canvas Sneakers. They were done through Artsprojekt, which is an offshoot of Zazzle. This has been a mini dream of mine to work on a design for Pro-Keds specifically (I know that this might come off as an endorsement, but it's not meant to). The first time that I visited New York which was roughly about 10 years ago, I bought my first pair of Keds from a shop in Soho?... was it Soho?.. I can't remember, but I do recall that it was a pair of Pro-Keds (which I still have to this day and refuse to throw out), a white pair, hi-tops with some sort of custom designed motif on it that looked like the head of Marge Simpson repeated many times over.
'twas cool.
During that time I don't even think that I was even working steadily as a freelance illustrator, but just graduated from art college. I do remember thinking though, of how dope of an experience it would be to do something similar. Funny how 10 years literally flashed by - sheesh...
It's a bit of a challenge for me drawing images on sneakers primarily because I'm extremely picky about what I choose to wear. Sometimes I feel as though illustrations don't necessarily translate well onto T shirts.. and I feel that it's even more difficult to apply them onto footwear, which is why designing these sneakers were a challenge because I wanted to appease the illustrator part of me while still appealing to me as a consumer.

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