Monday, January 7, 2008


I think my fingers are bleeding... they look arthritic.
Funny enough, the first post that I'm making in 2008 is a record of my attempts at trying to be a thirty-something-rockstar. I've had this guitar laying around my apartment for years, but have never picked it up or learned how to play it until now.
Thank goodness for the internet - I've managed to log onto some Guitar 101 websites - I'm giving it a shot. I never knew how painful playing the guitar would be - I mean, I've heard that it was... that the strings weren't actually strings, but tiny metal ropes that feel like they're slicing into your finger tips each time you press down on them.
Yeah, so I'm no James Iha -- not that it matters really anyway.

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michael byers said...

That's great. Let me hear what you've done some time. I too have a couple of acoustic guitars. One I painted on and the other - much like yourself - I've been meaning to learn how to play as well. Hey, can you send me some of the links to those guitar 101 websites. Cool. Take care.