Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dreaming of Hawaii

For the past three years I've worked with Pacific Basin Communication's publication "Hawaiian Home and Remodeling." Each year I illustrate various ways we can cut back on our carbon footprint, and save energy. This year, I collaborated with the Art Director, Mike Janowsky, to come up with a fun way to present a "Green Hawaii." Oh, and I included a couple of photos of me taking surf lessons the first time I was in Hawaii, several years back. How confident I looked on that surf board when it was on the sand! The photo that follows says otherwise.
Trust me... that wave felt like it was 20 feet high!


Craig Phillips said...

Hi Marcos,

Great work as usual! I was chatting to a friend about you the other day. We were talking about how some artists are all about design but not so solid on the drawing. But then some artists are so solid at design AND can just draw amazingly to boot- like you!

And great surf pics - are you hooked? I surf every day. I live 10 minutes away from a 50 kilometres stretch of great surfing breaks. Been surfing since the 80s. I LOVE it. Its pumping this weekend and I am going to hit up one of my favourite beach breaks. Cant wait! AND I have a new custom stick too. Good times!

Marcos Chin said...

hey hey craig! thanks for the nice message!... as for surfing... honestly that is the first and only time that i've tried it, which was about 8 years ago... i have to admit that i was hooked immediately and quickly forgot the fear i had of being the water (i'm a weak swimmer)...