Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on Irene
The hurricane is expected to pass through New York City tonight. I've been loosely following the news and so far it's made it's way into North Carolina

This morning appears ordinary. Like any Saturday morning, there are random people walking on the streets performing their weekend routines, some are jogging, some sifting for bottle empties through recycling bags, and some milling on sidewalks, talking to friends and neighbours. The garbage truck passes by on its daily route, and the city workers push plastic garbage containers down the street in their blue uniforms. Looking towards the city, the sky is over cast - a soft grey with patches of lighter grey mottled together; I can hardly see the Manhattan buildings across the East River.
A mild breeze cuts through the humid air, cooling my sticky skin.
It's dim outside, but not unusual.

As for me, I just filled two glass jugs with water, and boiled another huge pot of one. I cooked a box of rice pilaf with raisins, parsely and orzo, and have pulled out the matches from the dark armpits of my kitchen cupboards. My headlamps and flashlights are in check from our trip to Costa Rica, my laptop and iPhone charged, and our green Jennifer Lopez LED lights are lined up along the tops of our black lacquered IKEA side unit.

...waiting for tonight...

This is by no means extreme preparation for an impending natural disaster, but it's preparation nonetheless. We have a few canned food items laying around in our kitchen, but not too many. In the age of urban farming, and farmer's markets, organic this-and-that sans pesticides and preservatives, our kitchen is packed mostly with stuff that will go bad in a few days if the power goes out. Still we do have some peanut butter, rice cakes, nuts and seeds, and canned salmon, if necessary. Oh, and of course lots of filtered water, lemonade, and rice pilaf.

Emergency provisions at a supermodel concentration camp.

I laughed for a moment while I was mentally preparing a check list of the things that we would possibly need this weekend, but then acquiesced in my decision to do so.
I can feel my parents' protective instincts kicking in.
I wonder if the feelings and struggles that came from us having to flee Mozambique during the war trickled its way into my being. Not that I anticipate this hurricane to have the magnitude of any kind of revolution, but there's nothing wrong with having insurance, especially when it doesn't cost you anything, or much money for that matter. Some canned food, toilet paper, water, flashlights and batteries are not that big of deal to have in anyone's home. Fortunately I haven't grown into any kind of Chicken Little. Yeah, I'm uptight, and yeah I've been called names about being this way, but I know that I'm no chicken.
But, I am probably an ant.
And doesn't the grasshopper end up rooming with the ant near the end of that story?
Or does he eat the ant?
In any event, I'm by no means as prepared as I could be for a three day power outage, but two days?

*The illustration above was done for American Lawyer Magazine, "


JOYCE said...

That illustration is beautiful. I love how you did the water and the colors are so beautifully harmonized!

Hope you make it through Irene safely!

Marcos Chin said...

thanks for checking out my work Joyce, and for your nice comments :-) I think we're still on the brink -- According to the latest news, the brunt of Irene isn't expected until tomorrow...
just did a food run a few hours ago and bought some canned ravioli :-)

Colleen said...

Awesome! I was thinking about doing an illo for this whole mess, and it was a similar concept, only having a female figure carrying people away. Anywho, your work is amazing and I like that you include inner ramblings!

B.Wallz said...

This is really cool Marcos, I'm digging the way you've stylized the waves.

Marcos Chin said...

hey brandon! how's it going? good to hear from you! thanks for the message! ... how are your illustrations going?

Marcos Chin said...

thanks for writing colleen... this hurricane weekend seemed such the opposite of my drawing... although when i drove up to montauk on monday, i saw several trees hanging off of powerlines, and one resting against a fence along the side of a house... crazy...