Friday, May 27, 2011

Buena Malicia

Excuse my mashed-up Spanish pronunciation.
Pardon the jacked-up B minor.
Forgive the squeakiness of my voice, and flailing fingers
... by the way here's some tissue... there's a bit of blood dripping from your ears.

This is what I do during breaktime.
* "Buena Malicia" by Carla Morrison


Richard Zela said...

Clap clap clap! Yeah Marcos! you're also a nice singer, what other talens do you have? saludos amigo

Marcos Chin said...

richard!!! cómo está? by the way, are you finished your large illustrated project yet? thanks for the comment... you're being too nice... ha! good to hear from you

Carla Morrison said...
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Carla Morrison said...

que lindo que sacaste mi cancion!
muchas gracias lindo te quedo bien linda!

carla morrison

Marcos Chin said...

gracias para escribir, carla morrison. esta es una grande sorpresa! estoy muy feliz! me gustan mucho sus canciones. (... lo siento, yo no hablo español muy bien :-)

andrea said...

That's really really nice Marcos :)
Un abrazo grandísimo!

Kira said...

Marcos! you're adorable xo