Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Janet Jackson's song, "Again," from the movie Poetic Justice, circa 1993, which I have not seen by the way, relaxes me. I bought it (yet again) from iTunes and listened to it on my walk to the studio this morning. The song warped me back in time for a short moment.
4 minutes and I was 18 again.
1993 was near the end of my high school years; that period of my life that I hated. Yes, I had friends, good friends who have still remained a very strong part of my life, but there were also those bullies who made me miserable. I've wondered about those of the latter bunch, that if it weren't for them, would I have been so driven to get the *bleep* out of the city that I grew up in?
In 1993 when Tupac was still alive and Janet had a six-pack and braids, I was dreaming myself away from Scarborough.
Gawd how I hated that place.

Today I woke up.
Walked to the studio.
Responded to emails.
Worked on 2 rough sketches.
Had a phone meeting.
Worked on 1 final illustration.


blissful chick said...

again is sweet and innocent, yeah? this illo is amazing.

Marcos Chin said...

hi b.c. - that song makes me swoon...
*sigh....* thanks for the kind words about the piece.

webtraces said...

Funny how hearing "again" relaxes me too, but my reason is because it used to be the standard "cool down" song they played after an aerobic Step Class that I was taking at Ballys Fitness. I remember closing my eyes and hearing the instructor tell say "take a deep breath and breathe in; breath out....".

I've been thinking about you lately, wondering what you're up to. Oh how I wish I knew what you were going through in HS so that I could be there for you. When I look back I can honestly say that I had no clue what you were going through. I was oblivious.