Friday, March 12, 2010


My brain feels like jelly.
To borrow a phrase from my friend Melissa, my eyes are like raisins.

I texted my friend this message two days ago,
"I believe we're 35."
Her response,
"And working like we're 22."

This is not a complaint.
But it's true.
I am enjoying the work that I'm doing right now. I'm just a bit tired, that's all.
Since most of my work is done on the computer (practically from start to finish) it's hard on my eyes (yes, I try to remember to do those exercises - looking away and focusing on something in the distance and then resuming work again - is that real, does that work?).
Not sure if there's even a point to this post.
You're catching me while I'm fully exhausted.
I make no sense.
Neither does the drawing.
After I've spent so much time on the computer, I like to draw pictures that aren't digitally generated.
I like the immediacy of a doodle.
The fact that there is no pressure.
That's the sounds of pressure being released.
I have a love-hate relationship with pressure.
I think it's good.
It pushes me to push me.
But sometimes I push so hard that I fall over.

It's time for a Hoegaarden.
It's self-soothing, I know.
But call it what you will.
I need some soothing today.



charrow said...

I suggest a little booze and doodling to take the pressure off. Used to go to something similar in ATL and it put the fun back into illustration.
I mean really, what could be better than nude models and cheap beer?

Marcos Chin said...

charrow - you're right... it is fun - i've been to a drawing session like that once... last night however, i ended up just heading home and watching a scifi thriller. equally as fun!... thanks for the link too - i'll def. check it out...

Steve said...

I laughed a lot at this just imaging you saying all of that but in a zombie half asleep tone of a voice. Can't wait to see new stuff your working on!