Thursday, March 6, 2008


Dear Sarah,
I've got coffee stains around my eyes.
Is it from being exhausted, or is it because I've been crying?
Probably both.
I had to cut class early today because I couldn't even think or see straight; I was so tired.
The crying on the other hand was for Christian Siriano, the winner of this season's Project Runway, and my new best-non-friend. I was rooting for him since episode one and saw the season finale tonight. Massive applauses, applauses, and more applauses to you, Christian. You are amazing.

Dear Irene,
What a feeling.

Pulling 15 hours a day, for days on end will do that to anyone.
It's 1:20am right now -- what am I doing awake.?


Marco Roblin said...

Hello Marcos!
First of all your work is beautifull!
I find you reading an interview to Yuko on Ilustration
You guys are doing a great work, all the best!

Marco Roblin said...

...Yes! I know that feeling...


MAAAARCOS! cute blog.....back in Canada and we didnt even get to meet and do un petit cocktail.....oh well ill be BACK>>>>its Nick in case youre wonderin

Diana Evans said...

great work! read your interview on IF ....nice to meet you!

Sandra Lucia said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really admire your work. Thanks for inspiring!

Marcos Chin said...

diana and sandra! thanks so much for your comments.. i've been completely slacking with my responses and "blog upkeep" but hopefully once the summer is done, i'll be much better at it... right now i'm at the Cooper Union residency which is taking up so much of my time... doing personal work... which so soo important... we'll have an open studio july 7th if you're in the area... again, thanks for writing :-)

PNYARI said...

Hi Marcos! nice to meet you~
I am illustration student at SVA and
I love your works!!!
I will be junior this coming semester,
and I sooooooooooooooo want to take your class!!! but its closed:(
I was wondering if I can possibly get your signature so I can take either of your class for fashion illustration~! and I am so sad that I missed your open studio...:'(

Michele Melcher Illustration said...

Didn't know that you had a blog. Sweet!

Craig Phillips said...

Hello. Love your work and always have! It is gorgeous. I can certainly relate to pulling 15 hour days for days on end. It is the pits. I have been round the clock at my desk and mac since November and it is starting to grind me down! But, in these tricky times, being overloaded with work is a good thing! Thanks for all the inspirational art.

Marcos Chin said...

hey craig, thanks for the post... i hear you... i'm trying to take as much work as possible, especially now that the economy is in the pits...much good luck with your work as well!!!