Friday, February 1, 2008

Good fridays

I've been wearing this same shirt for about 3 days. It's funny that when you're sick, everything else around you seems to stop and vanish, and you become the only one who's alive, although you feel like you're dead. You forget to shower, the dishes pile up in the sink, you stop responding to emails, you resort to using paper towel when your toilet paper runs out, and you have this zany idea that eating more Massamun curry will act as an expectorant for your cold. But really, all that you needed was some solid rest - just some time to practice playing your guitar, nodding on and off while flipping through the pages of some Japanese comic book -- just some time to shut down, disconnect and decompress.
However something lifts after the fifth day, and I begin to slowly remember things. I notice that I have a dog; that the reason that I'm lying on only half of the bed is because I have a partner who sleeps next to me. I've run out of toilet paper, and the shirt that I've been wearing for days is in fact not my body's foreskin.
Today, I finally feel like a semblance of my old self.
Good morning New York. Happy Friday.